1. I inked that doodle. Look at it!

    As usual, Like/Reblog if you would like me to colour him so he doesn’t look like a vampire.

  2. Hey guys, sorry for not posting much but I was waiting for the art bug to hit.

    As usual if you would like to see this cleaned up, Like/Reblog


  3. Reblog if you wouldn’t mind getting some anons.

  4. Inked, might colour it now.

  5. Tonights sketch, Let me know if I should clean it up and colour it.


  6. Why I go over 6 GB of Data a month

    1. Brain: Psst let's see how much porn is on Tumblr
    2. Me: But Tumblr uses a shit ton of data...
    3. Brain: You'll be fine, you won't go over 6 GB like last month
  7. Inked it, let me know if you guys want me to colour it.

  8. Cleaned up the sketch a bit.

  9. First off, hello to my new followers. :)

    Second, here’s a sketch.

    Let me know if you guys want me to finish it up.


  10. Greetings! I started a DeviantArt for my art. If the response there isn’t great I’ll probably delete it though.