1. It’s done!!

    Last night I finished coloring that pic of the big muscly guy breaking stools and stuff feasting on a burger. I feel like I should write a story to go along with it though….

  2. Hehe classic

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  3. Gah just spent 2 hours on colouring… and its nowhere near done -_-

    I should sleep


  4. So

    I added a few things considering I started reblogging a few blogs. There are now links to filter out what shows on my blog, Art will show you the Art I’ve done, Reblogs will show you anything I’ve reblogged and news will show you posts like this.

    Also made my Ask thing super visible(at least on desktops) and changed it to “What should I draw next”. Hope you guys toss some ideas in there.

  5. A doodle, might colour it.

    Fun Fact: I got this idea in my head when I ate at Fatburger today

  6. I don’t recall ever hearing anything about a Skeleton War in my bible, maybe I’m in the wrong religion.

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  7. I’m actually super happy with how this turned out.

  8. Tired but felt like drawing so…. yeah…. working on it

  9. sweatyeah:


    this kinda sums up tumblr for me



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  10. He wants to do a pull-up

    But he can’t

    His muscles weigh too much

    Definitely a work in progress, kinda want to colour it and add Vascularity, what do you think?